How Do I Send SAT or ACT Scores to Colleges?

Before you send scores to a college, decide first if you're submitting your scores. If the college is test-optional, you should discuss the decision with your coach or counselor. Some colleges (like the University of California and the California State Universities) are test-blind, meaning they will not consider SAT or ACT scores in making admissions decisions (they may use them later to award credit for certain courses).

If you are submitting your scores, first check if the college needs official test scores. The best place to check is on the college's website, but Compass has a good list of colleges that allow self-reporting. If you're applying to these colleges, you can put your scores in your application (e.g., the CommonApp), although sometimes they will ask you to enter them on their portals after you apply. Check to see their portal shows the scores have been reported.

For colleges that aren't on this list, and need official SAT or ACT scores, you'll need to (pay to) send official scores directly from the College Board or the ACT. Visit these links, login, and follow the process. For most colleges, which accept a superscore, you'll only need to send the scores that constitute your superscore. If your college requires all your test scores, send all of them.

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