The Activities section of the CommonApp lists your extracurricular activities and sports. You can list up to 10 activities in this section, so, depending on how many you have, you may need to consolidate activities. Here are a few tips:

  • Don't list activities you did before high school but not during high school.

  • Where you have related activities (e.g., multiple years of belonging to the Boy Scouts), consolidate so you don't seem repetitious.

  • Order activities in a way that emphasizes the most important ones. Put activities that are central to you and those that relate to your prospective major before others.

A good way to start on the activities section is to first prepare a résumé, either on Google Docs or by using a program like Microsoft Word. A good template for a college résumé is at this link. That will allow you to think through the most important activities. 

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