Students are applying to more and more colleges each year. The average high school student now applies to between 7 and 8 colleges, many now apply to as many as 20. The right number depends on each student, but most consultants advise students to apply to between 10 and 12 colleges. Less than that, and your chances of being "under-matched" (going to a college that is less academically challenging than you are capable of attending) are higher. Under-matched students have lower chances of graduating, so this isn't good. More than that, and you might face lots of rejections. It can be hard for many teens to handle a dozen or more letters saying no.

We advise you apply to about 10-12 colleges, broken down as follows:

  • Reach Colleges: 3-5

  • Target Colleges: 4-5

  • Likely Colleges: 3

You can find colleges based on many criteria using LifeLaunchr's College Match, or sign up for a Personalized College Assessment, and let us do the expert work of creating a college list based on your goals and needs.

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